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Release Date:     April 2001



   The 25th anniversary of the sinking of the Edmund Fitzgerald occurred just a few short months ago. During that 25-year period much has been said, written, sung, broadcast and telecast about this disaster. Why then, at this time, should there be another book about the EDMUND FITZGERALD? Firstly, I have long wanted to write something about my father, Edmund Fitzgerald, for whom the ship was named and who was unique, but unassuming man. Secondly, most of what has been said or written about the FITZGERALD deals primarily with her last few hours on November 10, 1975. However, her story is more meaningful and much richer then just those events on that fateful day, hence this book.

  To fully appreciate the legend of the EDMUND FITZGERALD I believe it is important to understand how the ship came into being, who owned it and who operated it, where and how was it built, why it was named the EDMUND FITZGERALD, what did the ship do for a living, how did it fit into the economic commerce of the Great Lakes, why was it unique and able to transport record cargo's, how did its sinking relate to other Great Lakes disasters, and what are the controversies that surround the cause of her sinking. Since there were no survivors nor eyewitnesses, much of this shall always remain a mystery.

    Hopefully, an examination of this broader picture can create a richer and more inclusive view of the rather brief but highly productive career of this fine ship and her crew.

Written by:

Edmund B. Fitzgerald

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